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Matthew Cross & Judy Unrein’s DevLearn session on designing an effective business model for training

Designing an effective business model for training
Business model canvas – template for thinking about your business, customers, what you offer
Business model generation – book by Alex Osterwalder
Mapping out 9 building blocks
Speaking language of business and showing results
Business Model Canvas Explained – Youtube
We get myopic about what we do and not think about the revenue and partners that we need
Need to do this with your team
Generate lots of ideas; and then converge on what you need to do
Brainstorming, design thinking (Ideo) – design thinking toolkit
Reinventing the shopping cart – 60 minutes segment w/ Ideo
It’s not just about the box – Ideation, rolestorming, bodystorming, visual thinking
Gamestorming (book) by Gray, Brown, Macanufo
Post up activity
Everyone writes who your customers are on post it notes and puts it on the wall
will find out you have more customers than you think – customers who are indirectly affected
Or find you get more focused – depends on your purpose
You might have a completely different canvas for each group of customers
Forced Ranking – rank your customers by importance
“they’re all important” – what is the criteria? if this is hard to determine, just make an assumption – this might come up with different lists based on different criteria
Anxiety might surface at this point – if needed have everyone do it individually and then come together
Empathy map – connect with the customer in a more emotional way
Write the person’s name on the map so they actually think about a real person
Get a persona, an actual image of the person you’re designing for
How do we make the learner feel about the rule? How do we make them buy in? Giving technical information doesn’t always result in behavior change, though it may be a componenet of it
Business model alchemist .com
Value proposition designer
Business Model Generation (book)
Business Model YOU (book)