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Godzilla vs. DemoFest

After attending my second DevLearn, it was only inevitable that my face would eventually end up as promotional fodder for the eLearning Guild. It’s a wonderful picture! </sarcasm>

But thank goodness Bianca Woods was there to save me from my self-consciousness:

Inspired by the Dinosaur Comics presented in her session, I came up with some captions! If you’ve got  your own Godzilla quotes, make sure to add them in the comments.

"I think your next button needs more green."

"Does the text to speech handle Japanese?"

"But can I use the webcam to see if they're not paying attention?"

*Actual product. Complete madness.


This video took two years, 30 people, and 288,000 jelly beans. Looking at the number of hits this video has managed to get in just five days (1.7M), I think it was worth it.

Flynn Lake

Violet Curry Nature Preserve, Lutz, FL.

Bent Tree

Wilderness Park, Hillsborough County, FL