Tin Can API panel at DevLearn

Aaron Silvers; Clark Quinn; Mike Rustici; Stephanie Doll
Much more than next generation of SCORM
Support for mobile; everyone else has been doing it for 5 years
Now have the interoperability
With AICC announcement, they can move forward with AICC to combine resources
Tin Can is one technology in portfolio of learning architecture
CMI5 (AICC’s) will be an extension of Tin Can
Opens up experiences for learners; allows biz to understand gaps in learning
Learning experiences; a shift in the industry, we no longer have to be just a good provider of information, this is going to be increasingly devalued; what is our value proposition if everyone has access to information all the time?
Giving a good feedback loop – where does the learner go next?
Learning is not about connecting to info – about action and reflection
Learning as activity instead of content****
Just registering activity itself is not enough – but sequence of activities is a path to competency and track it that is meaningful
Starts the foundation of where we want to go
IT can be like what a mentor will recommend as a learning path
Tin Can is plumbing; just how we move data around
Where do you start? Start small. We all have something we want to do, but we can’t
Mobile, sharing across systems
About 30 vendors who have already adopted TC
When you do classroom training, you get a lot of feedback immediately
A rich feedback loop for elearning – you can find the content that was ignored, the thing that was clicked wrong
Force vendors to enable TC customization – should not be “you can make 6 TC statements”
Data mining + analytics
Content delivery not the way to develop people, allow them to make choice
How to develop people’s learning in ways that are much richer
Sequence of activities as a curriculum***
We have to space out information dump over time
Are instructional designers no longer going to be part of this, since mentors are now key?
Remove the box we’ve been in for 10 years
Like the plug on the wall
Need to make web service calls – webpage, app
It’s not just about training anymore we can embed TC calls in lots of different systems to give a picture of how a person’s activity ties to performance
Inspired by activity streams – ie Facebook
The vocabulary that was predefined is very limited; you can now extend the vocabulary in lots of ways; there is a registry of verbs
As the complexity increases, new solutions will arise
YOu can find the pieces that aren’t being utilized by learners
Can also find the places where users are having trouble with software; use for usability
YOu can look at a person’s record when they call you for help; so you can see what they’ve done, tried, haven’t tried to optimize what you do for them
You can actually build into the software how users use it
Biz doesn’t care where data comes from; LMS or whatever
Users can also save out the information from a course that they want to keep
ie in Sexual Harrassment you can save out definition of “quid pro quo” and copy it to a job aid
Does both transport and format of the information
Highly structured data
Rest, JSON
Doesn’t define database schema just how it comes in and out
ADL hosts mailing lists; LinkedIn
How do you get IT buy-in? Bypass IT and just do it. Create a business case for doing it
Big Data + Analytics + more information to find out what’s working
Informal learning + performance support
Based on a non-learning specific spec
Vendors can adopt it at different levels – at the lowest they can do it at the SCORM equivalent level
Demand vendors support what you want


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