Notes from Dayna Steele’s DevLearn keynote

Rockstar is someone who is at the top, doing what they love and doing it on their terms
Cocky, confident, trying new things and believing in themselves
“Life is too short to not have any delusional notions of yourself”
Gives you the passion to try, fail and keep going
Implement the new ideas, some will work some won’t
Constantly change, but know the passions of their audience
Mick Jagger loves jazz, but nobody sees him to play jazz
Did she seriously just say she worked for KLOL? LOL.
Babysitting course – original was a corporate site; they changed it to fit their audience
Just listen
Find the smallest person in the room and bring them to the front; this made the Rolling Stones look taller in pictures than they really were
Do your homework
Sammy Haggar was always prepared for interviews, he watched local news and newspapers
When the interview was interesting, the audience stayed engaged
Continue to read
Keep up with everything
Gene Simmons attributed his success to reading, everything he could get his hands on
Don’t stay in your own world, read other worlds
Pick up a magazine you know nothing about, or a subject you don’t like
She doesn’t like NASCAR, but learned a lot about marketing
Read the news before you do anything
Cites the NRA tweeter who tweeted about shooting after the Aurora shootings
Do things for other people w/o expecting anything in return
David Crosby who got out of prison after 9 months; she helped him w/o requesting an exclusive interview – it was the first time he had been sober since he was 12
A year later CS&N went on a tour for the first time, David Crosby helped introduce her to her husband
Went out and asked for a dollar
Networking – got right to the point “give me a dollar”
Just ask and people will help with no questions asked
Keep it brief and relevant
Success in networking is not for sissies
Appreciation – remember to say thank you to those help us
Thank everybody, above below sideways
Keep a bowl of candy on your desk; people will stop by and talk
Do nice little things for people
Do things because you know in your heart it is the right thing to do
Help people, because people will never forget that you helped them
Kevin Hindon, kid with Cystic Fibrosis; his favorite band was Van Halen
So she helped get Van Halen get in touch with him and they made him their special guest for the show
He got sick before the show, and VH abandoned the soundcheck to visit him in the hospital
Your personal brand = your reputation
You gotta let the world know what you want and who you are
Just registered for online classes to finish her degree
Educating + fulfilling dreams


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  1. Perfect – the abbreviated version of my speech! Love it!

  2. To see the video of the Van Halen visit, search the internet for “Van Halen visits Kevin Hendon’ or ‘Van Halen visits Sick Child’

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