John DiGiantamasso’s DevLearn session on eLearning that supports the classroom trainer

Mistakes were made in computer based instruction in the 70s
Old timers thought television was going to revolutionize education
TEachers under analyzed, the initial elearning model was just present, test and evaluate
Not compelling not fun, had to be forced to do it
Play a game to make it fun, this didn’t work either
Building a bridge to let a truck cross the bridge, do a math problem and build a brick of the bridge; turned out the kids got the questions intentionally wrong to watch the truck crash
Next they learned about learning Knowledge > Comprehension > Application
They couldn’t control the user applying and comprehending, so they just focused on the knowledge dump and testing to see if that info got into the knowledge box
The brain can receive content, but on retrieval failure, the brain remembers
You have a memory of the failure and it reinforces the memory
Better memory = better chance of retrieval success
Eventually you start applying that content, since it’s always there
If you don’t access that content, all of it gets purged
What clothes were you wearing one month ago?
The purge is critical to the human brain; don’t fight it, understand it
These 6 different events are the tools of the trade
Mentor / Apprentice – the master baker who explains and demonstrates (receive content). Then questioning, giving immediate feedback when apprentice gets it wrong (retrieval failure/success).
Where’s the multiple choice test? Doesn’t exist, based on actual performance
Coach / Athlete – all about the game, getting ultimate technique in a game
Drills that have nothing to do with anything in the game; all for preparing for the game
Teacher / Student – formalized classroom instruction model newer
Homework, Labs forcing you to apply content
Quizzes and tests – are now at the end, isolated from the learning process
no immediate feedback, the only memory that builds is the grade itself
Testing does not reinforce learning in and of itself
eLearning – focus is only on Receive Content
When we decided to computerize learning, the only model we looked at was the classroom model
All computers have input, output, calculations; this mapped to the presentation, assessment and pass/fail for elearning
Look at the attributes of computers > same as teachers
Why can’t you look at an elearning experience where people say “it changed my life” like they would with a teacher?
eLearning not about content – that’s eBooks
not about credentialing – that’s eVerify
The 6 steps is “neural embedding”
You don’t think about hitting the curveball you just do it
This can be done with elearning
Cezanne’s the Card PLayers example – video of people asking question to build the anxiety
Then read the best practice response, watch the best practice and practice
“I learn by watching someone do it” or “Just give me the cliff notes”
provide content for those who want to read, listen and watch
Then have the trainer sit with them to do the assessment, the assessment tracks all the key skills and the trainer is there to give immediate feedback
Great teachers are great, whether human or computer
Rely on neural embedding
Focus on the learning, not the little e

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