Brian Brushwood’s DevLearn Keynote


Prenote? from Aaron Silvers
Tin Can API 0.95 hit 1.0 in March/April 2013
A single spec moving forward – AICC will adopt Tin Can as foundation
“We are making shit better”

Scam School – intersection of entertainment, education and new media
Start with the entertainment and bring education
Brian has 0 qualifications
The Origin of Brands – book by Al & Laura Ries
Brands are what activate what people think about what you’re putting out there
Branding is organic, always changing, different brands competing for supremacy
Constant divergence
Identify one niche and totally own it > Fedex, Mcdonalds, Coca-cola
Be first, people know the 1st person to cross the Atlantic and the 3rd (first woman), but not the 2nd
In the early days, be first in the mind if you can’t be first for realsies (be second and win by being the exact opposite of the first)
Coke/Pepsi, Home Depot/Lowe’s
Look for the unfilled niche
Brian did it by doing bizarre magic, he didn’t even call it magic
The illusion of learning that enhances the entertainment
Found there was no niche for being an internet magician
There was a big audience for “bar tricks” but the content was poorly created
Scam School was a rejection of all the videos that were out there
“Don’t let love be your guiding force” be the opposite of everything you hate
The psychology of persuasion : Influence by Cialdini
Social engineering – doing other people to do what you want
Fixed action patterns; a standard stimulus response
The magic word “because” can get you what you want
Social proof like laugh tracks and follower counts – I trust them because everyone else trusts them
Operation iScam – cheat the way to the top of iTunes; the top ten of iTunes is the social proof
Got the Diggnation audience to subscribe to Scam School at the same time, got into top 10 twice
Cracking the top 10 made sure that Scam School stayed up there thanks to social proof
New media is a Wild West, still room for more niches to be filled
It has never been easier or faster to turn your ideas into a phenomenon
Stop chasing old media, instead increase your value to old media
Used vook to create an ebook for Scam School books
Scam School book used text, audio & video
Used same technique to get book to Top 10, the social proof got a publisher interested
Wanted to beat 50 shades of grey to top of itunes
The Diamond Club – a trendy knockoff of 50 shades taht was written by fans
Used a lever to flip people to the cause – wasn’t “buy my book”
Book hit top 10 in iTunes
People thought it was hilarious to leave 5 star reviews increasing social proof
Sold over 30K copies
The right idea at the right time presented in the right way can catch fire overnight

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