Getting ready for Devlearn

Next week I’ll be attending my first ever professional conference, Devlearn, the eLearning Guild’s annual learning technology conference. I’m quite excited and a bit nervous, but mostly just eager to absorb new knowledge. Here’s a general sketch of the sessions I’ll be attending:

  • 104  Evidence-based Training: No Yellow Brick Road
    Ruth Clark is presenting this one, so I’m hoping for lots of practical information on elearning development based on the latest research.
  • 204  Supporting Business Objectives with Better Learning Objectives
  • 311  Using Storytelling and Gamification for Better Problem-based Learning
    A lot of the projects I’ve been working on this past year have involved scenario-based elearning and developing it demands telling engaging stories and providing meaningful interactions. This one could be really useful, really quick.
  • 411  Designing eLearning that Supports the Classroom Trainer
  • 513  Ignite! Six Provocative Perspectives on the eLearning Industry
  • 613  Panel: Everything You Need to Know about Tin Can
    This might be the one can’t miss session for me. Tin Can API is coming very soon, and its potential for expanding how elearning is delivered could be massive.
  • 702  Designing an Effective Business Model for Your Training Organization
    My company really values training and employee development, but there’s an opportunity for us to drive the conversation so that we’re providing the best possible service for our learners. Hopefully, there’ll be lots of good information that can help us down that path. Also, Judy Unrein of the Toolbar podcast is part of this session, so it should be good.

I’ll be doing the best I can to take notes and share on this blog, so watch this space for a deluge of information in the coming days. I’m the only person from my team attending, so capturing knowledge to bring back is going to be vital.

I’m trying to break out of my shell a bit, so please come say hi if you see me. I promise when I hand you my business card I won’t do any dumb tricks like this weird spiky-haired dude:



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