Abort! Abort!

Light beer advertising fascinates me. I’m not a light beer drinker, so I can’t tell one watery beer from another, which is probably why these companies always have such vague arguments in favor of their product. Bob Garfield at Ad Age has (quite hilariously) noted how Coors Light has essentially co-opted the world cold (and trains! Everytime I hear “Love Train” I think about beer!) and how Bud Light has taken on the attribute of drinkability.

Now, I’m no expert on beer, but I should hope that beer (or any kind of beverage, for that matter) should be drinkable. I imagine the Bud Light people probably caught on to this point (after being laughed, taunted, and made to go sit in a corner), which is why they seem to have completely changed the direction of their ad campaign to explain just what exactly drinkability is.

After having a good chuckle about how they’ve had to change their concept so drastically, I actually found it to be kinda funny. Self-deprecation is always good, especially if you’re a giant European corporation (InBev) that has recently been attacked for buying up an “All-American” company and laying off 6% of it’s employees.

Now if only all bad instruction was so enjoyable.


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